Damaged Goods (record label)

Damaged Goods is a British independent record label.


Damaged Goods records formed in 1988 from a living room in east London. The first release was a re-issue of the 1977 single by Slaughter and the Dogs, "Where Have All the Bootboys Gone?". Following positive reviews in the UK music press it was followed by a reissue of the same band's debut album Do It Dog Style. Releases by Adam and the Ants, The Killjoys, Pork Dukes, and Snivelling Shits followed. Damaged Goods was originally intended to be a punk re-issue label but by 1990 was releasing contemporary bands, including a single by The Sect, and an EP by Manic Street Preachers.

In early 1991, they released their first single by Billy Childish (with Thee Headcoats), followed by many more, including the debut Thee Headcoatees single. They now manage the Billy Childish back catalogue. Between 1992–1994, Damaged Goods released the debut single from Helen Love along with one off singles with Atari Teenage Riot, New Bomb Turks, Wat Tyler and Asian Dub Foundation. By 1995, DG was a full-time occupation concentrating on the UK garage scene based around Toe Rag Studios in London and Slim Chance’s Wild Western Rooms in Archway, as well as indie and punk releases.

In 1995, they released the debut Holly Golightly album The Good Things. They have since released thirteen albums by Holly.

Over the next decade Damaged Goods released records by J Church, TV Personalities, The Revillos, Mikabomb, The Priscillas, The Buff Medways, and Buzzcocks[1][2]

2008 saw the release of new albums from Billy Childish and his new band The Musicians of the British Empire and a second album from Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs. Re-issues included Psykik Volts, Thee Headcoatees, Johnny Moped, Thee Milkshakes and Rudi and further releases included Betty and the Werewolves, the debut album from The Wolfmen and new albums from Ludella Black and Graham Day & the Gaolers.

Since 2009 Damaged Goods has released new albums by The Cute Lepers featuring Steve E Nix and Kicks from The Briefs, a Christmas single with the late Poly Styrene & Goldblade, two albums with Pete Molinari and two new singles with legendary Punk icons Penetration, The Cyanide Pills and Thee Spivs & Piney Gir.

In late 2012 they are releasing three new albums by Wild Billy Childish and the Spartan Dreggs as well as a new album by The Singing Loins and a Helen Love Christmas single.


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