Type Bread
Place of origin Greece
Main ingredients Wheat flours, fine cornmeal
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Daktyla is a leavened 'country' or 'village' bread from Greece,[1] but also popular in Cyprus[2] and Turkey.[3]

It has a segmented shape resembling fingers of bread, which give it its name of 'finger bread'[4] (Δάχτυλα, Daktyla in Greek means "fingers"[1]), which is made by making deep slashes in a loaf before baking,[3] or making a row of rolls of dough and allowing them to become attached to each other at proving stage.[1] It is traditionally made from a 'country' flour, which is a mix of wheat flours and fine cornmeal, which gives it a light yellow colour,[1] and is topped with sesame and nigella seeds,[2][3] some recipes also include nigella seeds in the dough.[3][5]

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