Publication information
Publisher Wildstorm Comics
First appearance WildC.A.T.S. #1 (August 1992)
Created by Brandon Choi
Jim Lee
Place of origin Daemon
Notable members Helspont
Inherent abilities Shapeshifting

The Daemonites are a fictional alien race in the Wildstorm Universe. They were created by Jim Lee and first appeared in WildC.A.T.s. #1 (August 1992).[1][2]


Daemonites are reptilian aliens from the planet Daemon, who are capable of possessing host bodies. Daemonites need to possess a host to survive on planets with a climate different from Daemon, like Earth (though a deal with the D'rahn eliminated this weakness from all Daemonites that resided on Earth at the time). When possessing a host, the Daemonite has access to all abilities that host has. A Daemonite can change his host into his true, Daemonite form, but can only maintain this form for a short period of time.

Some Daemonites, particularly the more elite, are also avid shape-changers capable of taking on the physical form of whoever or whatever they see fit at will. Some of the stronger members of their race can also resume the semblance of inorganic substances e.i. metals, granules, liquids; in order to add to their own deadliness, even able to alternate while possession a host. Albeit changing back rather quickly soon afterwards.

Daemonites can survive for millennia and are possibly even immortal. They are capable of regenerating missing limbs and quickly recover from serious injuries able to heal from destroyed organs, critical injuries and heavy brain damage, though the healing capacity varies from Daemonite to Daemonite and few to most lack the capability to survive a destroyed head or brain. healing processes can be accelerated while within a host body as well.

Some Daemonites even have a capacity for chronokinesis, having taught it to Voodoo of the WildC.A.Ts during her recovery process.

Higher born Daemonite class' akin to Kherubim lords hold a plethora of new and exotic attributes open to them, This particular species genus are called Daemonite Royalty. This upper tier possess a number of traits that make them superior to their weaker kin such as complete bio-molecular physical control, hive mind collectives, multi-hosting and vast mental and physical energy manipulation. Four members of this group include Helspont, Defile, Hightower and S'Ryn each possessing hosts of unique abilities all their own.

The true form of the Daemonites differs depending on the artist, but generally includes dark green skin, long sharp claws, sharp teeth, and a hunched posture.

In the New 52 Daemonites take on a whole new look and feel while retaining many old aspects it shared in the Wildstorm imprint. For starters, The Daemonites have become a telepathic hive intelligence capable of not only reading and sharing thoughts between other Daemonites and their respective hosts. But are also avid mentalists capable of probbing minds and having open mind to mind communications with other individuals, even being able to psionically track targets via their unique neural signal's.

Other proclivities include an enhancement of their Metamorphosis capabilities to enable the phasing through solid matter with ease, akin to a martian.


Millennia ago, the Daemonites discovered interstellar travel and started to conquer the universe. Their ability to possess other species gave them a distinct advantage over most species, allowing infiltration and survival in almost any environment. Their rise to power was unopposed until they encountered the Kherubim. The Kherubim were a noble race of nearly immortal warriors. Despite the Daemonites' ability to possess the Kherubim, the Kherubim's technology allowed them to detect possessed individuals. The war raged for millennia.

A Daemonite vessel fought a Kherubim vessel near Earth, thousands of years ago. Both spaceships were damaged and crashlanded on Earth. The Daemonites decided to conquer this world and use its population as host bodies, while the Kherubim wanted to defend humanity. The Daemonite-Kherubim War inspired many tales of gods, demons, angels and monsters. Most of the Daemonites organised themselves as the Cabal and focused on the goal of Daemonite Reunification: a return to Daemon. They were opposed by multiple heroes, such as Axel Brass and the WildC.A.Ts.

Unbeknownst to those stranded on Earth, the Kherubim won the war and imposed heavy reparations on Daemon. Daemonite society went bankrupt trying to pay and many Daemonites migrated to prosperous Khera, but were confined to ghettos.

When the Daemonites on Earth found out, many of them ceased their quest for Reunification. Some settled down, others became mercenaries and others again, like Lord Helspont, now focused on increasing their own power and wealth. Helspont finds a 'sleeper ship' of Daemonites and manages to recruit them to his cause. Most of these Daemonites are slain by human police officers.

Later, the Daemonite Lord Helspont found a Kheran World Shaper Engine on Earth and discovered that the Kherans were sending Shaper Engines across the universe to land on planets and turn them into ideal habitats for Kherubim. He also discovered that one of these engines had created new races across the universe, including the humans and Daemonites.

The New 52

Since DC Comics The New 52 relaunch, the Daemonites have been featured in several series. Most notably, they play a central role in both the Voodoo and Grifter ongoing series, both featuring title characters who originated in the Wildstorm Universe. The Daemonites have also been featured in the relaunched Stormwatch, Superman, Demon Knights and Hawkman series. In Demon Knights, they obliterate every incarnation of Camelot and attempt to slay Merlin to stop him creating them.[3]


Little is known about Daemonite culture. The Daemonites on Earth are ruled by three Lords. Most Daemonites on Earth are aggressive and completely devoted to the cause of Reunification. On Khera, the WildC.A.Ts encountered Daemonite civilians whose behaviour was very much like human behaviour. The Daemonites on Khera seemed to have a more tribal structure, but this could be a result of being confined to low-tech ghettos. After encountering peaceful Daemonites on Khera, the WildC.A.Ts have encountered several peaceful Daemonites on Earth as well.

The Daemonites on Khera showed WildC.A.Ts-member Voodoo, part Daemonite herself, rituals where Daemonites possessed other Daemonites. This ritual transferred memories, emotions and knowledge between Daemonites and forged a strong bond between Daemonites.


Daemonites prefer to use their own natural abilities in battle, but their technology is very advanced. They have spaceships capable of interstellar flight. Nanotechnology allows them to create highly advanced weaponry in a short period of time. Mister Majestic discovered a Daemonite-built portal into the Bleed, allowing them to enter alternate dimensions.

Daemonites on Earth often wear special stealth-suits, hiding them from most forms of detection. Others wear flash-suits, which are armoured and possess built-in weaponry.

Notable Daemonites


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