Clinical data
ATC code none
CAS Number 14114-46-6 YesY
PubChem (CID) 99562
ChemSpider 89948
ECHA InfoCard 100.162.258
Chemical and physical data
Formula C10H10N4O2
Molar mass 218.212 g/mol
3D model (Jmol) Interactive image

DMPX (3,7-Dimethyl-1-propargylxanthine) is a caffeine analog which displays affinity to A2-adenosine receptors, in contrast to the A1 subtype receptors.[1] DMPX had 28× & 15× higher potency than caffeine in blocking peripheral and central NECA-responses. The locomotor stimulation caused by DMPX (ED50 10 μmol/kg) was similarly higher than caffeine.[1]

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