Simone Bocchino

Simone Bocchino
Also known as Aki Bergen, Neuroxyde, DJ Satomi
Born (1978-09-18) September 18, 1978[1]
Rome, Italy
Genres Deep house, techno, electronica, italo dance
Years active 1997 - present
Labels Steyoyoke, Neurotraxx

Simone Bocchino (born 18 September 1978), also known by his stagenames DJ Satomi, Neuroxyde, and Aki Bergen is an Italian sound engineer, composer and producer, who at age 14 used his passion for the European techno movement as inspiration to start exploring the international club scene.


He started off by gaining respect within his local music scene and in 1997 meets Andrea Prezioso, who becomes his “precious” mentor for a few years and helps instigate Simone's first production. In this year, he and Prezioso wrote a single, Simon Templar - Electricity. From here, a newfound focus and clarity creates an unstoppable momentum and in 2002 Aki opens his first professional studio. In 2003, he signed with Ipnotika Records and the next year wrote Castle in the Sky. This song was highly successful and has been included in many compilations.[1] He later produced the successful singles Waves and Nuclear Sun.[2] In 2007 he wins a 'Gold Disk' in France and shortly afterwards, Starlight Music is born. It becomes one of the most researched and respected labels, boasting collaborations with artists such as Shara Nelson from Massive Attack, D.O.N.S. and Dubfire.

Simone's next big step was to surge forward even further and tailor make a new label that mirrored his passion and musical requirements. Neurotraxx was born and pretty soon, the labels tracks were circulating worldwide, opening the doors of success even wider, making way to collaborate with likes of Dannii Minogue, Ralphi Rosario, Oscar G, Miguel Migs, Goldfish, Noir, Rah Band, Honey Dijon, and Moonbeam. Simone also extends himself by giving lessons/lectures on mixing and post-production at universities and several other renowned musical schools. 2014 has enabled him to expand his horizons even further, with a string of new projects alongside Steyoyoke Recordings in the pipeline.[1][2][3]

Simone's debut single, "Castle in the Sky", has been viewed over 8 million times on YouTube since it was uploaded on 1 December 2007.[4]





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