DFB Sports Court

The DFB Sports Court is a regulatory body in the German Football Association (German: Deutscher Fussball-Bund, DFB) and may adopt different sanctions on clubs and players.[1]


Together with the Bundesliga, the DFB Sports Court was founded in 1963. It hears cases of misconduct by individual players, clubs or spectators. The court is a separate authority, responsible for the national and regional leagues. The judges and staff are volunteers.


The structure resembles that of a normal court. The court is composed of a chief judge, a deputy and 28 assessors. The chief judge and the deputy are elected by the DFB-Bundestag.[2] Chief judge is Hans Eberhard Lorenz.[3]


The DFB Sports Court convenes when serious rule violations occur. This starts directly after a red card is given. The court determines the sentence depending on the hardness of the fouls or unsportsmanlike conduct. If the clubs in question agree, the sports court creates a written statement. Only 20% of procedures end with a hearing.

Appeals against decisions from the DFB Sports Court can be presented to the DFB Federal Court.

Important decisions


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