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DC Comics Bonus Books were 16-page comic book stories inserted into issues of existing DC Comics series to showcase new writers and artists.[1][2] Running from April 1988 to February 1989, they consisted of a front cover, 14 pages of story, and a back cover with a brief biography of the story's creators. The addition of the insert did not entail an increase in the price of the comic book. The Bonus Books featured early work by such comics creators as Mark Askwith, Jim Balent, Randy DuBurke, Dean Haspiel, Rob Liefeld, Gordon Purcell,[3] and Denis Rodier.[4]

The issues

Issue (cover date) Bonus Book Writer(s) Artist(s) Citations
Action Comics #599 (April 1988) Superman and Jimmy Olsen Joe Calchi Britt Wisenbaker and James Scott [5]
The Flash vol. 2 #12 (May 1988) Doctor Light George Broderick Gordon Purcell and Timothy Dzon [6]
Doom Patrol vol. 2 #9 (June 1988) Celsius Steve Miller Randy DuBurke and Joe Alidetta [7]
Wonder Woman vol. 2 #18 (July 1988) Amazons Dan Littleford Palmer Worley and Brian Thomas [8]
Detective Comics #589 (August 1988) Batman Lewis Klahr and Steve Piersall Dean Haspiel and Denis Rodier [9]
The Warlord #131 (September 1988) Jennifer Morgan Steve Wilson Rob Liefeld and Jeff Albrecht [2][10]
Justice League International #18 (October 1988) Justice League International Mark Askwith James Webb and Mark Pennington [11][12]
Power of the Atom #4 (November 1988) Atom Joe Calchi Jim Balent and Dan Schaefer [13]
The Flash vol. 2 #19 (December 1988) Blue Trinity Hank Kanalz Bill Knapp and Jerry Acerno [14]
Suicide Squad #21 (December 1988) Bronze Tiger Larry Ganem Peter Krause and Fred Butler [15]
Detective Comics #595 (January 1989) Batman Jeff O'Hare Roderick Delgado and Jerry Acerno [16]
Wonder Woman vol. 2 #26 (January 1989) Amazons Tom Joyner Neil Vokes and Fred Butler [17]
Justice League International #24 (February 1989) Justice League International David Levin Dean Haspiel [18]

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