Coordinates: 37°01′25″N 30°36′04″E / 37.02361°N 30.60111°E / 37.02361; 30.60111Coordinates: 37°01′25″N 30°36′04″E / 37.02361°N 30.60111°E / 37.02361; 30.60111
Country Turkey
Province Antalya
  Mayor Nurettin Tursun
  Kaymakam Mehmet Baygül
Population (2012)[1]
  Urban 32,465
  District 47,497
Website www.dosemealti.bel.tr/
Döşemealti rug, 19th century

Döşemealtı is a municipality and district governorate in Greater Antalya, Turkey. Antalya is one of the 30 metropolitan centers in Turkey with more than one municipality within city borders. Now in Antalya there are five second-level municipalities in addition to Greater Antalya (büyükşehir) municipality. Döşemealtı is actıually situated 20 kilometres (12 mi) north of city center on the Turkish state highway D-650 at 37°01′N 30°37′E / 37.017°N 30.617°E / 37.017; 30.617. According to 2012 figures the urban population of Döşemealtı is 32465 [2] Together with rural area the total population is 47497. The name of the city refers to ancient road around the town (In Turkish Döşeme means "pavement" ) Döşemealtı is a recent settlement. The earlisest residents were from Korkuteli (Burdur Province) in 1934. Later people from Cyprus and Yörüks (nomadic Turkmens) were also settled in Döşemealtı.[3] It was declared as seat of township in 1972 and a district center within Greater Antalya in 1998.

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