Czechoslovakia at the 1956 Summer Olympics

Czechoslovakia at the
1956 Summer Olympics
IOC code TCH
NOC Czechoslovak Olympic Committee
in Melbourne/Stockholm
Competitors 63 (51 men and 12 women) in 10 sports
Flag bearer Zdeněk Růžička
Ranked 18th
Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 4 1 6
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)
Other related appearances
Bohemia (1900–1912)
Czech Republic (1994–)
Slovakia (1994–)

Czechoslovakia competed at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia. 63 competitors, 51 men and 12 women, took part in 54 events in 10 sports.[1]

Czech athlete Olga Fikotová won a gold medal in women's discus. She also started a famous love affair with American athlete Harold Vincent Connolly here.

The team was warned that their flight back to Czechoslovakia was in a danger of a terrorists' attack. All sportsmen had to undergo a long journey by a Soviet ship Gruzia from Melbourne to Vladivostok, Soviet Union and then by Trans-Siberian Railway to Moscow and by plane to Prague, Czechoslovakia. The whole journey took 31 days. The part of the journey from Melbourne to Moscow, Czechoslovakian sportsmen had to share a ship and train with Soviet sportsmen also returning home via this route. The coexistence was not idyllic and Czechoslovakians described it later as very humiliating. The Olympic team spent Christmas Day in the Pacific and New Year's Eve in Siberia. The team experienced high temperatures during voyage across equator and later freezing weather with -50 °C in Siberia.

It is very probable that the reason for the warning was only fictional and a long journey home was only a political decision made by Czechoslovak and Soviet communists. It was never justified.


Further information: 1956 Summer Olympics medal table and List of 1956 Summer Olympics medal winners
Medal Name Sport Event
 Gold Fikotová, OlgaOlga Fikotová Athletics Women's discus throw
 Silver Hořínek, OtakarOtakar Hořínek Shooting Men's 50 m rifle 3 positions
 Silver Bosáková, EvaEva Bosáková Gymnastics Women's balance beam
 Silver Fouček, LadislavLadislav Fouček Cycling Men's 1000 m time trial
 Silver Fouček, LadislavLadislav Fouček
Machek, VáclavVáclav Machek
Cycling Men's tandem
 Bronze Skobla, JiříJiří Skobla Athletics Men's shot put


Men's Marathon




Time trial
Team pursuit
Individual road race


Modern pentathlon

One male pentathlete represented Czechoslovakia in 1956.




Four shooters represented Czechoslovakia in 1956.

50 m pistol
50 m rifle, three positions
50 m rifle, prone




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