Czech Land Forces

Emblem of the Czech Land Forces

The Czech Land Forces[1] (Czech: Pozemní síly Armády České republiky, literally the "Land Forces of the Army of the Czech Republic") is the land-based military branch of the Army of the Czech Republic. Along with the Air Force the Land Forces encompasses all the operational military units of the Czech Republic. The Land Forces primarily consist of two mechanized brigades equipped with various types of combat vehicles (such as Pandur II or BVP-2) including T-72M4CZ tanks to ensure the execution of different combat operations.[2]


The Czech Land Forces are the biggest and decisive part of the Army of the Czech Republic. In coordination with other services they are organized to defend the national territory. Under a crisis situation and in the event of hostilities they form the core of operation task force of the allied joint force and eventually they are complemented by mobilized units. The Land Forces are also designed for fulfilment of commitment in compliance with the Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty and tasks in favour of the state administration authorities.[3]

Current Structure

OrBat of the Czech Land Forces 2016


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