Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor protein

This article is about the cell cycle protein. For the medical therapy, see CDK inhibitor.
Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor

Structure of the p27Kip1 cyclin-dependent-kinase inhibitor bound to the cyclin A-Cdk2 complex.[1]
Symbol CDI
Pfam PF02234
InterPro IPR003175
SCOP 1jsu

A cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor protein is a protein which inhibits cyclin-dependent kinase. Several function as tumor suppressor genes. Cell cycle progression is negatively controlled by cyclin-dependent kinases inhibitors (called CDIs, CKIs or CDKIs). CDIs are involved in cell cycle arrest at the G1 phase.


Protein Gene Interacts with
p16CDKN2ACyclin-dependent kinase 4, Cyclin-dependent kinase 6
p15CDKN2BCyclin-dependent kinase 4
p18CDKN2CCyclin-dependent kinase 4, Cyclin-dependent kinase 6
p19CDKN2DCyclin-dependent kinase 4, Cyclin-dependent kinase 6
p21 / WAF1CDKN1A[2]Cyclin E1/Cyclin-dependent kinase 2
p27CDKN1BCyclin D3/Cyclin-dependent kinase 4, Cyclin E1/Cyclin-dependent kinase 2
p57CDKN1CCyclin E1/Cyclin-dependent kinase 2
CDKN3Cyclin-dependent kinase 2


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