Cura (instrument)


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The cura (Turkish pronunciation: [dʒuˈɾa]) is the smallest member of the bağlama family with the highest pitched sound. The member one size bigger than cura which gives a sound that is one octave lower than cura is the tambura. And the one with the deepest sound is the divan sazi whose sound is one octave lower compared to tambura. The smallest member of the baglama family, it is found in nearly every region of the country under a variety of names, including dede sazi, parmak cura, and üç telli cura. According to the instrument with which it is to be played (and accordingly its exact dimensions and tuning), it is known by names such as baglama curasi, tanbura curasi etc.

Two-stringed Kozağaç Cura, known as “Two-stringed” in Teke Region, varies in terms of structural and instrumental features.

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