Cuminapanema River

Cuminapanema River
Cuminapanema River (Brazil)
Native name Rio Cuminapanema
Country Brazil
Main source Pará state
River mouth 1°21′26″S 55°11′05″W / 1.357159°S 55.184606°W / -1.357159; -55.184606Coordinates: 1°21′26″S 55°11′05″W / 1.357159°S 55.184606°W / -1.357159; -55.184606
River system Curuá River

The Cuminapanema River is a river of Pará state in north-central Brazil, a tributary of the Curuá River.

The river basin lies partly within the 4,245,819 hectares (10,491,650 acres) Grão-Pará Ecological Station, the largest fully protected tropical forest conservation unit on the planet.[1] It flows through the 3,172,978 hectares (7,840,600 acres) Trombetas State Forest from north to south.[2] Part of the river's basin is in the Maicuru Biological Reserve.[3] The river is also fed by streams in the 216,601 hectares (535,230 acres) Mulata National Forest, a sustainable use conservation unit created in 2001.[4]

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