Cuisine of Guinea

Location of Guinea
A market stall selling vegetables in Dinguiraye Prefecture, Guinea.

Guinean cuisine refers to the food and culinary traditions of Guinea.[1]

Major ingredients

Rice is a staple with preparations and ingredients varying by region: Mid Guinea, Upper Guinea, Coastal Guinea, Forested Guinea, and the area of the capital (Conakry).[2] It is part of West African cuisine and includes fufu, jollof rice, maafe, and tapalapa bread. Ingredients include boiled cassava leaves.

In rural areas, food is eaten from a large serving dish and eaten by hand outside.[2] Desserts are uncommon. Guinean cuisine has achieved some popularity overseas and there are Guinean restaurants in New York City, United States.[2]

Notable dishes

Traditional preparation of fou fou in a mortar and pestle.

Traditional Guinean dishes include:


Traditional Guinean sauces include:

maffi supu


Traditional Guinean beverages include:


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