Crespi (automobile)

Crespi Automotive (1962 - 1976) of Buenos Aires[1] was an Argentinian auto manufacturer, founded by Tulio Crespi,[2] a former racing driver. Crespi was the first "modern" Argentinian sports car manufacturer. Their most famous model, the Tulieta GT,[3] came into production in 1977. It was lightweight, and very unique, but not very fast. The engine wasn't exactly reliable either, a 1397cc or 85 cubic inch engine made by Renault. It was the same engine used in the 1976 R5 Alpine/Gordini, which produced 93 horsepower. The C6J Turbo engine was in a couple models, but that being said, there wasn't many. That same year, 1977, Crespi ended production of the Tulieta GT, which there are only a few left in existence. This is their logo. and this is the Tulieta GT (All photos belong to the rightful owners, I took or own nothing. )


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