Credo (novel)

Credo is a novel by British author and broadcaster Melvyn Bragg, published in 1996. An epic story of the Christian faith set in 7th Century Britain, it centres on the life of a young Celtic Princess torn between her dedication to God's service and her love for Padric, a Prince of Rheged. Set against the background of venerated Church figures of the period notably St Cuthbert, St Wilfrid and Hilda of Whitby, Bega (i.e. St Bee) experiences all the violence and deprivations of her age.

It appeared in the USA with the title The Sword and the Miracle.


Published in 1996 with positive reviews:

'A gripping saga of great passion ... sustained, impassioned and uplifting' (The Times)

'An absorbing epic ... as splendid a ripping yarn as any of the best classics' (Daily Telegraph)

'A gripping, deeply accomplished work' (Evening Standard)

'I loved it ... Bragg’s stately, seething, passionate epic is several cuts above modern attempts at historical fiction' (Literary Review)

'A beguiling entry into a society strange, neglected, important, tragic in many of its triumphs' (Spectator)

'Wonderfully evocative, passionate and erudite ... No summary could do justice to a book of this erudition, romance and scope' (Glasgow Herald)


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