Cortex Pharmaceuticals

Cortex Pharmaceuticals (OTC Pink: CORX) is a pharmaceutical company based in Glen Rock, New Jersey specializing in positive allosteric modulators of the AMPA receptor known as Ampakines.


February 2005 – Cortex received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to begin Phase II clinical trials for CX717 for use as a treatment for Alzheimer’s, ADHD and Sleep disorders.[1]
2006 – The FDA halted clinical trials for CX717 because they feared the drug was toxic. They later allowed testing to continue but at doses too low to have any effect.[2]
July 2007 – The FDA gave Cortex permission to continue with clinical trials for CX717, as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease.
September 2007 – Cortex filed with the FDA to test CX717 as a treatment for ADHD.
October 2007 – Dr. Pierre Tran became Chief Medical Officer at Cortex after the FDA refused to let the company proceed with Phase II clinical trials for CX717 as a treatment for ADHD.[3]
March 2008 – German regulators approved clinical studies for using CX717 to prevent breathing problems caused by opiate pain-killers. May 2008 – President and CEO Dr. Roger Stoll announced that he was resigning and would be replaced by Mark Varney.[4]


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