Correo del Orinoco

Correo del Orinoco
Type Weekly newspaper
Founded 27 June 1818
Language Spanish
Ceased publication 27 March 1822
This article is about the original 19th century newspaper. For the newspaper launched in 2009, see Correo del Orinoco (2009).
Correo del Orinoco's first edition

Correo del Orinoco (the Orinoco Post) was a Venezuelan newspaper created by Simón Bolívar. As such, it is the oldest sovereign newspaper on the Latin American continent. The weekly newspaper was published from 1818 to 1822 in Angostura, a city on the river Orinoco which has since been renamed Ciudad Bolívar.

The newspaper's name is currently exclusively used by the Correo del Orinoco (2009) newspaper produced by the Government of Venezuela.

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