Cornelis August Wilhelm Hirschman

Cornelis August Wilhelm Hirschman

Hirschman (far right) at the 1912 Olympics
2nd General Secretary of FIFA
In office
Preceded by Louis Muhlinghaus
Succeeded by Ivo Schricker
Personal details
Born 16 February 1877
Died 26 June 1951
Nationality Dutch
Occupation banker

Cornelis August Wilhelm Hirschman[1] (1877 – 1951) was a Dutch banker, co-founder of FIFA in 1904 and the 2nd General Secretary of FIFA, serving from 1906 to 1931.[2] In 1912 he was also one of the founders of the Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC).[3]

When FIFA-president Daniel Burley Woolfall died in 1918, Hirschman kept the organization from falling apart, almost single-handedly and at his own costs, operating from his offices in Amsterdam[3] He was FIFA's interim president until Jules Rimet was elected its third president in March 1921.[3]

After the Crash of 1929 Hirschman's stock trading company went bankrupt and the money he had invested for the NOC and FIFA was mostly lost. Hirschman unexpectedly resigned from both NOC and FIFA in 1931.[4]


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