Cook Islands national cricket team

Cook Islands
Association Cook Islands Cricket Association
ICC status Affiliate (2000)
ICC region ICC East Asia-Pacific
WCL n/a (regional tournaments)
First international
Cook Islands Cook Islands v. Norfolk Island 
(Auckland, New Zealand; 4 January 2001)
As of 4 September 2015

The Cook Islands national cricket team is the team that represents the Cook Islands, an associated state of New Zealand, in international cricket matches. The team is organised by the Cook Islands Cricket Association, which became an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2000.[1] Its first international tournament was the 2001 edition of the Pacifica Cup, which was played in New Zealand. The Cook Islands have since featured regularly at ICC East Asia-Pacific tournaments, and at the 2006 EAP Trophy, finished second to Fiji and narrowly missing out on qualifying for the World Cricket League.[2] Outside of ICC tournaments, the Cook Islands fielded a team in the cricket tournament at the 2003 South Pacific Games, winning the bronze medal.[3]

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