Confessions of a Police Captain

Confessions of a Police Captain
Directed by Damiano Damiani
Produced by Mario Montanari
Bruno Turchetto
Written by Damiano Damiani
Fulvio Gicca Palli
Salvatore Laurani
Starring Franco Nero
Martin Balsam
Marilù Tolo
Music by Riz Ortolani
Cinematography Claudio Ragona
Edited by Antonio Siciliano
Release dates
  • 26 March 1971 (1971-03-26)
Running time
101 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Confessions of a Police Captain (Italian: Confessione di un commissario di polizia al procuratore della repubblica, also known as Confessions of a Police Commissioner to the District Attorney) is an Italian crime-drama film.

The film won the Golden Prize at the 7th Moscow International Film Festival in 1971[1][2][3] and the Prix lntemational de l'Academie du Cinema at the Étoile de Cristal Awards in 1972.[3][4]


D.A. Traini strives to convict Ferdinando Lomunno of playing a leading role in local organised crime. He learns that Commissioner Bonavia feels he has unfinished business with Lomunno because Lomunno once ordered the assassination of a politician who had been admired by Bonavia. While Traini takes his pride in going by the book, policeman Bonavia lost his confidence in common law and is about to become a vigilante.



Wild East released this on a limited edition R0 NTSC DVD alongside The Summertime Killer in 2010.


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