Confederation of UK Coal Producers

Confederation of United Kingdom Coal Producers
Abbreviation CoalPro
Formation 1991
Legal status Non-profit company
Purpose Coal mining businesses in the United Kingdom
Region served
7 coal producing companies, and 9 other companies
Director General
David Brewer
Affiliations European Association for Coal and Lignite (Euracoal)
Website CoalPro

The Confederation of UK Coal Producers (or CoalPro) is the UK trade association for coal mining companies. Full members include Banks Developments, Celtic Energy, Kier Mining, Miller Argent, Hall Construction, Hargreaves Services, and Land Engineering Services.


It represents 90% of the UK coal producing industry, now that it is made up of disparate smaller companies, having once been run by the National Coal Board until 1987.


The UK coal industry employs 4,000 people directly. Around one third of the UK's electricity is generated by coal power. The organization was formed in 1991.

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