Confederation of Independent Football Associations

Confederation of Independent Football Associations
Formation 2013
Type Federation of associations
Headquarters Luleå, Sweden
World President
Per-Anders Blind

Confederation of Independent Football Associations (ConIFA) is a federation of football associations established in 2013. It is made up of teams that represent nations, dependencies, unrecognized states, minorities and stateless peoples not affiliated to FIFA. ConIFA organizes the ConIFA World Football Cup, the first of which took place in 2014 in Östersund, Sweden. The first ConIFA European Football Cup was held in June 2015 in Székely Land. In the future the organization hopes to organize a woman's world cup, challenge cup and super cups for clubs, and a beach soccer world cup.


As of 14 September 2016[1]






Just a few months after becoming a member of ConIFA, the Quebec team affiliated with the Fédération de soccer du Québec, with the intention that the FSQ eventually apply for membership of CONCACAF. To this end, it was announced that the team will only play internationals against full national teams that are members of either CONCACAF or FIFA, and will no longer participate in Non-FIFA Football.[2]

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