Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos

CBC - Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos
Industry Ammunition, Arms Industry
Founded 1926
Founder Costabile Matarazzo, Gianicola Matarazzo
Headquarters Ribeirão Pires, São Paulo, Brazil
Area served
Products Ammunition, Firearms
Subsidiaries Magtech, MEN (Metallwerk Elisenhütte Nassau), Sellier & Bellot
Website CBC

Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC) is one of the largest ammunition manufacturers in the world based in Ribeirão Pires, São Paulo, Brazil.


CBC is one of the largest ammunition manufacturers in the world, with focus in production of small and medium calibers. The company´s range of products also include firearms, air rifles, bullet proof vests and ammunition components such as primers, propellants, cases and projectiles. CBC exports its products for commercial and law enforcement markets under the brand Magtech Ammunition. The company has its headquarters and three production facilities in Brazil, as well as two subsidiaries in Europe - the companies MEN in Germany and Sellier & Bellot in Czech Republic.


Founded by two Italian immigrants, Costabile and Gianicola Matarazzo, in 1926 to manufacture their own hunting and shooting ammunitions, CBC was created in the city of São Paulo, Brazil and was named FNCM – Fábrica Nacional de Cartuchos e Munições (National Ammunition and Cartridge Factory). In 1936 the company was bought by Remington Arms and Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) when it was renamed CBC – Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (Brazilian Cartridge Company). Since 1979 the company has been privately owned.


Magtech was created in 1990 as the commercial brand of CBC products, selling small arms calibers to customers in over 90 countries with products ranging from .22LR to .500 S&W.


CBC also produces firearms, most notably the Mossberg Plinkster and a shotgun based on the Remington 870.

Production Sites

CBC has three production units in Brazil, one in the state of São Paulo and two in Rio Grande do Sul.


The holding company also owns the German Company MEN (Metallwerk Elisenhütte Nassau) and Czech Company Sellier & Bellot


CBC Products (Military)

Magtech Products (Commercial)

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