Communist Party of Nepal (2013)

Communist Party of Nepal
President Rishi Kattel
Founded 2013
Ideology Marxism–Leninism–Maoism

The Communist Party of Nepal (Nepali: नेपाल कम्युनिष्ट पार्टी) is a political party in Nepal, founded in April 2013.[1][2] The party was formed through the merger of Communist Party of Nepal (Unified), Communist Party of Nepal Marxist−Leninist (Samajbadi), Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist), Marxist Communist Party of Nepal, Bidrohi ML and the Independent Thought Group.[1][2] Rishi Kattel is the chairman of the party.[1][2] Jagat Bahadur Bogati and Lok Narayan Subedi serve as co-chairs of the party, whilst Haridev Gyawali, Ram Bahadur Bhandari and Tanka Rai serve as vice-chairs.[1]

In May 2013 the party was registered with the Election Commission of Nepal ahead of the 2013 Constituent Assembly election.[2][3] It presented 60 candidates in FPTP constituencies.[4][5] For the Proportional Representation vote the party submitted a list of 100 candidates, headed by Sita Subedi.[6] The election symbol of the party is a hammer and hoe.[7]


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