Communist Party of Khorezm

Communist Party of Khorezm
Leader Alimdzhan Akchurin(1920)
Mulla Dzhumaniyaz Sultanmuradov(1920-1921)
Muhamedzhan Izetdinov(1921)
Berdi Gadzhiev(1921)
Gaifi Sharafutdinov(1921-1923)
Ishchan Masharipov(1923) (acting)
Karimzhan Adinaev(1923-1924)
Isak Hansuvarov(1924)
Founded 1920
Dissolved 1924
Ideology Communism

Communist Party of Khorezm was a political party in Khiva/Khorezm.

In 1922, the party became affiliated to the Russian Communist Party (bolsheviks). During the spring of 1924, when proposals for reorganization of Soviet Central Asia were discussed the leadership of the Communist Party of Khorezm declined to take any firm position on the issue. Only in July the same year did the party formally approve of the plans to form Soviet republic on nationality-based boundaries. The official Soviet histography at the time claim that the Communist Party of Khorezm had been a nest of "bourgeois-and-nationalistic and Trotskyist elements, who hampered the forming of new Republics".[1] Later in 1924, the party was dissolved as the boundaries of Soviet Central Asia were redrawn.

First Secretaries of the Party



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