Committee to Defeat Revisionism, for Communist Unity

Committee to Defeat Revisionism, for Communist Unity was a small British Marxist-Leninist group, that had left the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1963. CDRCU was led by Michael McCreery. CDRCU was sympathetic towards the Communist Party of China and the Party of Labour of Albania. The group began publishing Vanguard in 1963.[1]

CDRCU reached the height of its activity from February 1964 to February 1965, during which CDRCU cells were established in several cities and public meetings were arranged. However, as McCreery died in 1965 (in New Zealand) the activity of the group declined sharply. Most of the members of CDRCU regrouped into the Action Centre for Marxist-Leninist Unity.[2] A few others later formered the Workers' Party of Scotland and the London Workers' Committee. In 1966 the London Workers' Committee split, soon becoming the Working People's Party of England.[1]

Some of the Irish members of the CDRCU later joined the Irish Communist Group in 1965. When the latter organisation split, they went on to form the Irish Communist Organisation.[3] Noel Jenkinson was another Irish member of CDRCU; he would later join the Official IRA and be convicted for carrying out the 1972 Aldershot Bombing.[4] [5]

Vanguard continued publication until 1972.[1]


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