Come with Us/The Test

"Come with Us"/"The Test"
Single by The Chemical Brothers
from the album Come with Us
Released April 22, 2002 (2002-04-22)
Recorded 2001
Length 3:40 ("Come with Us")
4:33 ("The Test")
  • Tom Rowlands
  • Ed Simons
The Chemical Brothers singles chronology
"Star Guitar"
"Come with Us"/"The Test"
"The Golden Path"

"Come with Us"/"The Test" is a double A-side single from The Chemical Brothers' 2002 album Come with Us. The vocals in "The Test" are performed by Richard Ashcroft.

The spoken-word intro from "Come With Us" is sampled from "The Evidence" by Evidence.[1] "The Test" contains a sample from "Pielgrzym" by Polish singer Czesław Niemen, first released in 1972.

In Japan, the two songs were swapped in the single title, making the single's title "The Test/Come with Us".

"The Test"

Music video

The music video for "The Test" features actress Holly Weston and is directed by Nick Goffey and Dominic Hawley.

The video begins with a woman, played by Weston, swimming deep underwater. Weston is then approached by a whale, which she then swims into the mouth of. She then sees a large amount of jellyfish, which flash multi colours matching the song's beat. The woman then sees rays of light coming from the water's surface and swims towards the rays. She is then seen emerging from a well onto a shingle beach, where the sun quickly rises behind her. The woman then slowly walks down the beach, as a separate scene of the same woman in a nightclub flashes on and off screen. Then the woman sees a young girl running down the beach wearing a red coat. The video then cuts to a scene which appears to show the woman's hand turning into smoke as she slowly arcs her left arm from right to left, with the beach in complete darkness with white strobe lights in the background. Weston then begins to follow the girl in the red coat seen earlier until they stop at a large expanse of grass with a disused railway track running through the middle and some wooden huts in the distance. The woman then appears to see a young boy holding a hula hoop around a levitating girl's waist, after which the two disappear, leaving behind the boy's cape. The woman then arrives at an old barn to find the girl in the red coat standing there, looking towards the barn. The woman then looks at the girl's face, and the girl is revealed to be a Cyclops. After that, the barn's side appears to come loose and crashes to the ground, sending up a cloud of dust, after which the video then goes back to the nightclub, and it is revealed that all the previous events were in the woman's imagination, either a daydream or as a result of taking hallucinogenic drugs. After that, there is a scene where the camera is moving rapidly and strobe lights flash onto some wooden structures on the beach. Then the video quickly goes in reverse and then ends back at the opening scene.

Track listing

UK/Europe CD
  1. "Come with Us (Edit)" – 3:40
  2. "The Test (Edit)" – 4:33
  3. "Come with Us (Fatboy Slim Remix)" – 7:20
Japan CD
  1. "The Test (Edit)" – 4:33
  2. "Come with Us (Edit)" – 3:40
  3. "Come with Us (Fatboy Slim Remix)" – 7:20
  1. "The Test" video – 6:05
  2. "Come with Us (Edit)" – 3:40
  3. "H.I.A" – 7:10
  4. "Hey Boy Hey Girl" (Excerpts, Live at Red Rocks, 17 July 1999)
UK 12"
  1. "Come with Us" – 4:58
  2. "Come with Us (Fatboy Slim Remix)" – 7:20
  3. "H.I.A" – 7:10

Release history

Region Release date Label Format Catalogue
UK 22 April 2002 Freestyle Dust CD CHEMSD15
12" CHEMST15
Japan 26 April 2002 Virgin Japan CD VJCP-12155


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