Colorado Sports Hall of Fame

The Colorado Sports Hall of Fame (CSHoF) is a hall of fame and museum that honors, by public acknowledgment or commemoration, individuals who merit recognition and distinction for their exploits, accomplishments, and leadership in sports and athletic endeavors in the state of Colorado. The museum is located at Gate #1 on the west side of Sports Authority Field at Mile High, in Denver, Colorado, and each year's inductees are honored on the Sports Legend Mall and Legacy Pillars that adjoin the Museum.

The Hall of Fame was incorporated on November 4, 1964, initially as a board of directors operating out of the Denver Chamber of Commerce. It opened as a physical entity in August 2001, coincident with the opening of the sports stadium that hosts it.

Selection Process

Inductees to the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame are chosen by an independent Selection Committee composed of (approximately 29) media representatives from throughout the State of Colorado. Nominations are submitted by the public. From these, the committee selects four to six inductees each year, considering each nominee's recognition and distinction in sports, and his or her achievements in bringing "fame and glory to the State of Colorado through outstanding accomplishments in athletic participation, teaching, coaching, administration, promotion, refereeing, ownership, reporting, or training".[1]


The members of the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame are:

Year Inductees
1965 Dutch Clark
Jack Dempsey
Byron White
1966 Eddie Eagan
Willard N. Greim
1967 Jack Christiansen
Everett Marshall
Buddy Werner
1968 Jerome Biffle
Ace Gruenig
Edwin C. Johnson
Jack McCracken
1969 John W. Hancock
Glenn Morris
Hayes Alan Jenkins
David Jenkins

Year Inductees
1970 Peggy Fleming
Lionel Taylor
Frank Potts
1971 Bill Toomey
N.C. "Tub" Morris
Thurman "Fum" McGraw
Bob Howsam
1972 Gordon Wren
William Thayer Tutt
1973 Willy Schaeffler
Joe Romig
Coburn Jones
Vince Boryla
1974 Babe Didrikson Zaharias
Mark Duncan
L.C. "Pete" Butler
Murray Armstrong
1975 Dallas Ward
George Scott
Robert "Barney" McLean
Rich Jackson
1976 Adolph "Pat" Panek
Ervin Hinds
Joe "Awful" Coffee
Harry "Dean" Carlson
1977 Floyd Little
Russell Volk
Edward "Big Ed" McGlone
Phyllis Lockwood
Burdette Haldorson
1978 Lawrence "Spud" Orr
Ben Martin
Kayo Lam
Young Corbett II
1979 Juan Reid
C.H. "Lou" Kellogg
Carroll Hardy
Marvin Crawford

Year Inductees
1980 Louis Unser
Fritz Brennecke
Jim Baggot
Richard Anderson
1981 Lloyd Gaskill
Walter Franklin
Joan Birkland
Byron Beck
1982 Harry Simmons
Gerald Phipps
Charles "Poss" Parsons
Bobby Anderson
1983 Frank Tripucka
Ivan Thomas
Chester Nelson
Bauldie Moschetti
1984 Freddie Joe Steinmark
Richard Hotton
Goose Gonsoulin
Larry Bollig
1985 Billy Thompson
Bill Masterton
Hatfield Chilson
Leonard Cahn
1986 Lew Mahony
Haven Moses
Craig Morton
Hale Irwin
William Hinkley
1987 Dan Issel
Randy Gradishar
Robert "Bus" Campbell
Roy Byers
1988 Richard Yates
Dan Stavely
Red Miller
Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales
1989 Tom Jackson
Dale Douglass
Jim Darden
Cliff Buck

Year Inductees
1990 Jim Williams
Greeley Timothy
Eddie Crowder
Jim Burris
1991 James Lee Willard
Joe Vigil
Sam Suplizio
Bob Martin
Keith Magnuson
1992 Chuck Bresnahan
Carl Scheer
Louis Wright
1993 Goose Gossage
Dave Garland
Dale Dodrill
Dick Connor
Bob Beattie
1994 Frank Haraway
Alex English
Donald Ray DesCombes
Chuck Darling
Walt Clay
1995 "Smoky Joe" Wood
William W. "Billy" Kidd
John Clune
Connie Carpenter-Phinney
Walter "Bus" Bergman
1996 Art Unger
David Thompson
Scott Hamilton
Bruce Ford
Judy Bell
1997 Larry Varnell
John Stearns
Doug Moe
Gil Cruter
Irv Brown
Adam Berry
1998 Russell "Sox" Walseth
Barbara McIntire
Lloyd Madden
Bill Daniels
Leroy Tracy Borah
1999 Jack Vickers
Bill McCartney
Jack Harvey
John Elway
Jim Conboy

Year Inductees
2000 Robert Travaglini
Greg Riddoch
Dan Reeves
Dave Logan
John Adams
2001 Amy Van Dyken
Lonnie Porter
Karl Mecklenburg
Pat Day
Bob Davis
Don Carlsen
2002 Tom Petroff
Bill Marolt
Bill Fanning
Joe Collier
Fred Casotti
2003 Rick Upchurch
Ron Shavlik
Tippy Martinez
Guy Gibbs
Gilbert "Gib" Funk
2004 Fred Tesone
Patrick Roy
Charles "Babe" Lind
Bill Hanzlik
Tanya Haave
Terrell Davis
2005 Shannon Sharpe
Dick Katte
Chad Hennings
April Heinrichs
Pat Haggerty
Joe Belmont
2006 Dennis Smith
Davis Phinney
J. Allen "Pat" Patten
William Hybl
Tom Hancock
Ceal Barry
2007 Scott Wedman
Hank Kashiwa
Andres Galarraga
Ben Dreith
Pat Bowlen
Carol Baily
2008 Starr Yelland
Frank Shorter
Bill Noxon
Pierre Lacroix
Dow Finsterwald
Fisher DeBerry
2009 Rod Smith
John Mosley
Jerry McMorris
Sonny Lubick
Laurice Hunter
Ralph Backstrom

Year Inductees
2010 Larry Zimmer
Mike Shanahan
Joe Sakic
Dean Lahr
Marc Johnson
Bob Blasi
2011 Alfred Williams
Larry Walker
Bobby Unser
Keli McGregor
Jason Elam
Art Berglund
2012 Will Nicholson,Jr.
Greg Myers
Glen Gondrezick
Peter Forsberg
Frank Carbajal
Marcelo Balboa
2013 Stan Williams
Steve Jones
Adam Foote
Don Cockroft
Don Baylor
Steve Atwater
2014 Dorothy Mauk
Todd Helton
Darian Hagan
Andre Gambucci
Frosty Cox
Otis Armstrong
2015 John Dikeou
Roy Halladay
Chauncey Billups
John Gagliardi
Warren Mitchell
Becky Hammon
2016 Vinny Castilla
Rhonda Blanford-Green
Ralph Simpson
Milan Hejduk
Jim Toupal
Jim Danley

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