Collège Stanislas (Quebec)

Collège Stanislas
Type private Kindergarten through college
Established 1938
Affiliation non-denominational
Undergraduates pre-university students; technical
Postgraduates not available
Location Sainte-Foy and Outremont, Quebec, Canada
Campus Urban
Affiliations ACCC, CCAA,
Collège Stanislas in Outremont in 1942

Collège Stanislas in Sainte-Foy and Collège Stanislas de Montréal (FR) Outremont, Quebec are two campuses of an exclusive French language private education institution for boys and girls aged 4 to 18 years.


It was founded in 1938 by Raoul Dandurand and other wealthy French Canadians as a Roman Catholic subsidiary of the renowned Collège Stanislas de Paris in Paris, France. Jean Julien Perrault (architect) designed the Stanislas College on Dollard Boulevard in Outremont in 1941.[1]


The college offers the equivalent of a provincial Secondary School Graduation Diploma (DES), Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC), and the French Baccalaureate. The college offers three pre-university programs. These pre-university programs, which take two years to complete, cover the subject matters which roughly correspond to the additional year of high school given elsewhere in Canada in preparation for a chosen field in university.

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