Cocieri is a commune in the Republic of Moldova, and the administrative center of Dubăsari District. It is located on the eastern bank of the Dniester River, consisting of two villages, Cocieri and Vasilievca.

During 1992 War of Transnistria inhabitants of this village rebelled against the separatist authorities of Transnistria. The military unit of the 14th former Soviet Army which was located in the village was attacked by local inhabitants who armed themselves and opposed the forces of Transnistria. As result, after the war, Cocieri remained in the area controlled by the Republic of Moldova.


According to the 2004 Moldovan Census,[1] the commune had a population of 4,336, 4,151 in Cocieri and 185 in Vasilievca. 4,011 of these (3,823 in Cocieri, and 184 in Vasilievca) were ethnic Moldavians/Romanians, 308 (307 in Cocieri and 1 in Vasilievca) were from ethnic minorities, and 17 were other or undeclared. Due to the economic situation around 800 inhabitants work abroad.


In the village is a Romanian language school with 560 pupils and a kindergarten with 100 children. Since Cocieri is in a Republic of Moldova controlled area the school uses the Latin script.

Political problems

Separatist authorities from Tiraspol have in the past attempted to make life more difficult for Cocieri's inhabitants. Several properties belonging to Cocieri companies were confiscated by Transnistria's authorities and 7 km² of land remains unworked because of the obstacles that the separatists put against the free movement of the people of Cocieri.


External links

  1. (Romanian) Webpage of Cocieri
  2. Interview with Ion Isaicov, mayor of Cocieri, about the problems faced by the village because of Transnistrian secessionism

Coordinates: 47°18′N 29°07′E / 47.300°N 29.117°E / 47.300; 29.117

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