Cocentaina Castle

Cocentaina Castle
Native name Castell de Cocentaina
Location Cocentaina, Valencian Community
Coordinates 38°44′45″N 0°26′49″W / 38.745969°N 0.447022°W / 38.745969; -0.447022Coordinates: 38°44′45″N 0°26′49″W / 38.745969°N 0.447022°W / 38.745969; -0.447022
Architectural style(s) XIV
Official name: Castell de Cocentaina
Type Non-movable
Criteria Monument
Location of Cocentaina Castle in Spain

The Castle of Cocentaina, located in the municipality of Cocentaina, Alicante, Spain, is a 14th-century medieval building which stands on a rocky mound of 765 m. The castle structure, recently restored, is one of the town's symbols. The tower is a square two-story structure. On the first floor there is an open patio with a well, a chapel and a warehouse. On the upper floor, where the lords lived, there is a cornice with battlements and a path for guards. The castle is a good example of military gothic style.


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