Cobblestone Records

Cobblestone Records
Parent company Buddha Records
Founded 1972 (1972)
Founder Joe Fields
Genre Jazz
Country of origin U.S.
Location New York City

Cobblestone Records was an American jazz record label founded by Joe Fields in New York City in 1972.[1]

Cobblestone had two successive incarnations. The early one was in 1968–69 as a singles label, subsidiary of Buddah Records. (The Joe Thomas LP is drawn from that period.) The singles line went dormant in the early 1970s, until in 1972 a new version of the label was established by Joe Fields in New York City, also as a subsidiary label to Buddah.

Much of what was issued on the label was produced by Don Schlitten. Among the label's releases was a six-album issue of recordings from the Newport Jazz Festival New York of 1972. The label also released previously unissued recordings from Grant Green with Big John Patton.[1]

In a move reflecting an active era of independent record labels, Fields went on to form Muse Records, essentially an extension of Cobblestone's approach, with Schlitten producing the initial majority of the output. Later producers included Michael Cuscuna and Fred Seibert. Some of the label's material was later transferred to Muse Records and 32 Jazz.[1]




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