Clint's Crazy Bargains

Clint's Crazy Bargains
Discount retail
Fate Sold to The Warehouse
Successor The Warehouse
Founder David and Kerry Rickards, and Norm and Sue O'Neill
Defunct 2000
Area served
Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory

Clint's Crazy Bargains was established in November 1978, as a partnership between David and Kerry Rickards, and Norm and Sue O'Neill.

It was a retailer of discount variety merchandise including gifts, cosmetics, clothing, books, craft goods, hardware, stationery, toys, jewellery, kitchenware, caneware, haberdashery, manchester, small electrical goods, luggage and furniture.[1]

Founding and History

The Business was initially a single store (Bankstown, NSW, Australia) and a market stall operation dealing primarily in distressed and surplus merchandise bought from public auction. A second store in Leichhardt (October 1980) followed by the move into substantially larger premises of 7,000 square feet (650 m2) in Bankstown (April 1981) saw the commencement of a serious attempt to build a new retail concept.[2]

The St Marys store (July 1983), spectacularly successful in 4,000 square feet (370 m2), became the prototype of the new "Discount Variety" or "Bargain Store". As the business evolved through wholesaling and new shop openings, techniques and policies changed constantly, but the theme of the "Bargain Store" remained. A diverse range of goods perceived to be cheap.[3]

Throughout the early and mid 1980s, the principal product source continued to be distressed or opportunity merchandise. As stock needs increased the weakness of such a dependence emerged, low cost manufactured goods from South East Asia became the target. Volandu Pty Ltd was formed in October 1985 as an import company with the same ownership as Clints.[4]

Wholesaling was commenced to increase purchasing power and credibility overseas. The continuing growth of Clints and similar chains in other states brought about fanatic import volume increases. From 100 containers in 1987 to over 3000 in 1995. The original 23 000 square foot warehouse was replaced by a 50 000 square feet warehouse in 1990, only to be replaced by a 215 000 square feet warehouse complex purchased in January 1992. Also in 1992, a warehouse in China was completed for the consolidation of goods for Clints and other Volandu customers. This facility allowed flexibility and control over a massive range of cheap products being produced in Southern China.[5]

An additional distribution warehouse of 100 000 square feet was purchased in February 1995 in Footscay, Victoria, Australia, to service the then growing number of Victorian stores and to facilitate the movement of increasing volumes of merchandise between Sydney and Melbourne.[6]

The business operated 116 stores across New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT, eventually acquired Fair Dinkum Bargains and Silly Sollys.


The company was responsible for the memorable and annoying TV advertisements featuring the excited phraze "It's Craaayzy!"

The company mascot was Spike, a blue star shaped character, which looks a bit like Mr. Sneeze.


In 2000 the Clint's Crazy Bargains business was sold to the New Zealand company The Warehouse.[7]


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