Public (TWSE: 2362)
Industry Computing
Founded 1983[1]
Headquarters Taiwan
Products Laptops
AIO computers

Clevo is an OEM/ODM computer manufacturer which exclusively produces laptop computers. They manufacture and sell complete laptops under their own brand; they also sell laptop chassis to other OEMs who build laptops on the chassis, often customized for each customer. Sager Notebook Computers is one of several OEMs which build on Clevo chassis.


Clevo was founded in 1983.[1] In 1987, the company established its laptop computer business, with production starting in 1990.[2] The company was first listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1997.[2] In the year of 1999, Clevo merged with their subsidiary, Kapok, to increase efficiency. On August 2002, Clevo had built a new factory in Kunshan, China.[1]


Clevo has been ranked as fourth among Taiwanese exporters, marketing its products in over 50 countries. The company has also founded several service centers in Germany, Great Britain, China, Taiwan, South Korea and the United States. These centers serve various businesses, ranging in size from small to multinational, with a variety of product selections in either small or large quantities.[1] Clevo focuses its business on designing, developing, manufacturing, and distributing electronic equipment and laptops.[3]

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