City of Monash

City of Monash

Location of Monash within the Melbourne metropolitan area.
Population 187,286 (2015)[1] (29th)
 • Density 2,298.0/km2 (5,952/sq mi)
Established 1994
Area 81.5 km2 (31.5 sq mi)
Mayor Rebecca Paterson
Council seat Mount Waverley
State electorate(s)
Federal Division(s)
Website [ City of Monash]
LGAs around City of Monash:
Boroondara Whitehorse Maroondah
Stonnington City of Monash Knox
Glen Eira Kingston Dandenong

The City of Monash is a local government area in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne with an area of 81.0 square kilometres and an estimated population of 176,069 people. On 3 November 2016, Cr Rebecca Paterson was elected Mayor of Monash.[2]


Monash has a diverse population, with 39.8% of its residents born overseas (compared to 29.0% across Melbourne),[3] coming from more than 30 countries,[4] with significant Chinese, UK, Greek, Indian, Malaysian and Sri Lankan populations.[3] 42.4% of residents own their own home outright, compared to 33.1% in Melbourne,[5] and 37.3% across Australia.[6] The city is well educated, with 25.1% having a bachelor or higher degree (compared to 19.6% across Melbourne.[7]


The City of Monash was once hunting grounds for the Bunurong people. The City of Monash, named after World War I commander Sir John Monash and the local Monash University (established 1958), was created on 15 December 1994 when the Kennett Liberal government amalgamated local councils all over Victoria, merging a substantial portion of the former City of Oakleigh with the whole of the former City of Waverley.




Ward Party Councillor[2] Elected
Glen Waverley   Labor[8] Geoff Lake (Mayor) 2000
Katrina Nolan 2012
Mt Waverley Brian Little 2003
  Labor[9] Jieh-Yung Lo 2008
Rebecca Paterson (Deputy Mayor) 2013
Mulgrave   Liberal[10] Robert Davies 2012
Micaela Drieberg 2008
John Sharkey 2016
Oakleigh Bill Pontikis 2012
  Liberal[11] Theo Zographos 2012
Nga Hosking[12] 2016

Council election results

Single-member wards, 2000-2005

Ward 2000-2003 2003-2005
Central Matthew Evans Ross Smith
Damper Tom Morrissey Joy Banerji
Huntingdale Felicity Smith Stephen Dimopoulos
Jell Peter Holdsworth Peter McCall
Napier Geoff Lake Geoff Lake
University Peter Vlahos Brian Little
Warrigal Paul Klisaris Vicki Bouziotis
Wellington Kathy Magee Jeanne Solity

Multi-member wards, 2005-2016

Ward 2005-2008[13] 2008-2012[14] 2012-2016 [15]
Glen Waverley Geoff Lake Geoff Lake Geoff Lake (Mayor 2013)
Dane Manzie Greg Male (Mayor 2010) Katrina Nolan
Mount Waverley Joy Banerji Joy Banerji Brian Little
Tom Morrissey Tom Morrissey Tom Morrissey Rebecca Paterson (2013 countback) [16]
Ryan Brown Jieh-Yung Lo Jieh-Yung Lo (Deputy Mayor 2012)
Mulgrave Paul Klisaris (Mayor) Paul Klisaris (Mayor 2008) Paul Klisaris John Sharkey (2016 countback) [17]
Charlotte Baines Charlotte Baines (Mayor 2009) Robert Davies
Craig Shiell Micaela Drieberg Micaela Drieberg (Mayor 2012)
Oakleigh Stephen Dimopoulos Stephen Dimopoulos Stephen Dimopoulos

(Deputy Mayor 2013)

Stefanie Perri

(2014 countback) [18]

Nga Hosking

(2016 countback) [19]

Denise McGill Denise McGill Bill Pontikis
Gerry Kottek Stefanie Perri (Mayor 2011) Theo Zographos



There are 27 primary and 9 secondary state-based schools in the city of Monash.[20]


Monash Gallery of Art

The city operates the Monash Gallery of Art, located at 860 Ferntree Gully, Wheelers Hill. The gallery's photography collections feature over 2000 works illustrating the development and evolution of the photographic medium in Australia. There are about 20 exhibitions a year in such media as photography, fine art, craft and design.

Public Libraries


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