Islamic City Council of Tabriz

Islamic City Council of Tabriz
Coat of arms or logo
Shahram Dabiri
Since September 3, 2014
Habib Shiri-Azar[1]
Since September 3, 2013
Seats 21
Last election
June 14, 2013
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The Islamic City Council of Tabriz (Persian: شورای اسلامی شهر تبریز) is the elected council that presides over the city of Tabriz, elects the Mayor of Tabriz, and budgets of the Municipality of Tabriz. The council is composed of twenty-one members elected from single-member districts for four-year terms. The Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the Council are chosen by the council at the first regular meeting in odd-numbered years. In the last election between Principlists and reformers, Principlists won the most seats.[2]



District Name[3] Votes[3] Political affiliation[4]
1 Shahram Dabiri 105,157 Independent
2 Ehtesham Hajipour 52,750 Iranian reform movement
3 Esmaei Chamani 51,239 Independent
4 Behrouz Khamachi 46,784 Independent
5 Elmira Khamachi 45,211 Independent
6 Akram Hazrati1 33,403 Independent
7 Asghar Abedzadeh 31,814 Independent
8 Javad Sheshghelani 31,484 Iranian Principlists
9 Saeid Mohaddes 30,868 Independent
10 Habib Shiriazar1 30,129 Iranian reform movement
11 Ali Shiari 26,439 Iranian Principlists
12 Mohammad-Hossein Jafari 26,224 Iranian Principlists
13 Ali Navay-Baghban 25,622 Iranian Principlists
14 Mohammad-Hassan Asvatchi 24,408 Iranian Principlists
15 Jafar Modabber 23,638 Iranian Principlists
16 Amir Haghian 23,618 Iranian Principlists
17 Iran Ahoor 22,722 Independent
18 Rasoul Darskhan 22,085 Independent
19 Iraj Shahin-Baher 21,115 Independent
20 Saeid Hajizadeh 20,278 Independent
21 Fereydon Babaei-Aghdam 20,139 Independent
District Name[5] Votes Political affiliation
22 Mohammad Bagher Lotfi2 Independent
23 Alaadin Nour Mohammadzadeh2 Independent



  1. ^ Were ousted because of corruption
  1. ^ Were replaced alternate members

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