Citrumelo or Citromelo (X Citroncirus spp.) is also called Swingle citrumelo trifoliate hybrid, because it is a cold hardy citrus hybrid between a 'Duncan' grapefruit and a trifoliate orange (Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf.), developed by Walter Tennyson Swingle.

Citrumelo is widely employed as a citrus rootstock, being resistant to the severe citrus tristeza virus and to the Phytophthora foot rot as well as to blight, cold, and citrus nematode.[1]


Trifoliate orange, according to Swingle, belongs to a citrus related genera, called Poncirus, while grapefruit equivocally belongs to the genus citrus, hence the botanical name X citroncirus is a hybrid genus, derived from citrus and poncirus.


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