Cinerama Releasing Corporation

Cinerama Releasing Corporation
Industry Filmed entertainment
Founded (1967 (1967))
Services theatrical films distribution
Parent Cinerama, Inc.

Cinerama Releasing Corporation, or CRC, is a defunct motion picture company established in 1967 that originally released films produced by its namesake parent company that was considered an "instant major".[li 1]


In 1963, the owner of the Pacific Coast Theater chain, William R. Foreman, purchased Cinerama, Inc. In 1967, CRC was set up to be an independent distributor of widescreen motion pictures produced by Cinerama, various foreign films and ABC Pictures, the film production unit of the American Broadcasting Company.[1][li 2] As an instant major by 1970, CRC reached a 10% market share. ABC Pictures ended operations in early 1973, thus CRC moved to primarily distributing non-financed films (acquisitions). By August 1974, CRC had released 125 acquired films at which time its productions and reissues were handled by American International Pictures. Cinerama, Inc., CRC's parent company, was liquidated in May 1978 with the Cinerama name ending up being owned by Pacific Coast Theater.[li 2]

Films released

CRC was only a distributor of films, without retaining copyright stake over each production. Therefore, the rights to CRC releases rest with their respective production companies:

Release Date Title Production company(ies) format
1968 Nobody Runs Forever (The High Commissioner) Rank Organisation, Rodlor, Inc., Selmur Pictures[2]
1968 Custer of the West Cinerama Productions Corp. presents, Security Pictures Super Technirama 70[li 2]
December 18, 1968 Hell in the Pacific Selmur Pictures[3] Panavision[li 2]
1968 Krakatoa, East of Java Cinerama Releasing Corporation Super Panavision 70[li 2]
1968 Charly ABC Pictures International[li 2]
1968 The Killing of Sister George
1968 Candy
December 10, 1969 They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
November 4, 1970 Song of Norway
November 3, 1971 Straw Dogs
1971 Kotch
1971 The Touch
1972 Junior Bonner[li 2]
1972 Tales from the Crypt Amicus Entertainment & Metromedia Producers Corporation[4]
1973 The Mack CRC & Harvey Bernhard Enterprises[5]


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