Producer National Institute of Informatics (Japan)
History 2005 – present
Languages Japanese, English
Cost Free; Subscription for full-text
Disciplines Multidisciplinary
Record depth Index, abstract & full-text
Format coverage Journal articles and books
Temporal coverage 1906 – present
Geospatial coverage Japan
Number of records 15 million

CiNii (/ˈsn/ [1]) is a bibliographic database service for material in Japanese academic libraries, especially focusing on Japanese works and English works published in Japan. The database was founded in April 2005 and is maintained by the National Institute of Informatics.[2] The service searches from within the databases maintained by the NII itself [NII Electronic Library Service (NII-ELS) and Citation Database for Japanese Publications (CJP)], as well as the databases provided by the National Diet Library of Japan, institutional repositories, and other organizations.[3]

The database contains more than 15 million articles from more than 3600 publications.[4] A typical month (in 2012) saw more than 30 million accesses from 2.2 million unique visitors,[5] and is the largest and most comprehensive database of its kind in Japan. Although the database is multidisciplinary, the largest portion of the queries it receives is in the humanities and social sciences field, perhaps because CiNii is the only database that covers Japanese scholarly works in this field (as opposed to the natural, formal, and medical sciences which benefit from other databases).[6]

Database identifiers

The database assigns a unique identifier, NII Article ID (NAID), to each of its journal article entries.[5] A different identifier, NII Citation ID (NCID or 書誌ID) aka NACSIS-CAT Record ID, is used for books.

NCID Examples


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