Christian Democratic National Peasants' Party

For the Moldovan political party, see Christian-Democratic People's Party (Moldova).
Christian-Democratic National Peasants' Party
Partidul Național Țărănesc Creștin Democrat
Leader Aurelian Pavelescu
Founded December 1989
Headquarters Bd. Carol I, nr. 24
Ideology Christian democracy[1]
European affiliation European People's Party
International affiliation Centrist Democrat International
European Parliament group No MEPs
Colours Green and Blue
Seats in the Senate
1 / 176
Seats in the Chamber of Deputies
1 / 412
Seats in the European Parliament
0 / 33
3 / 3,186


County Councilors
0 / 1,434


Local Council Councilors
137 / 40,067


Party headquarters

The Christian Democratic National Peasants' Party (Romanian: Partidul Național Țărănesc Creștin Democrat, PNȚ-CD) is a Christian democratic and agrarian political party in Romania. It claims to be the successor of the National Peasants' Party (created from the merger of the Romanian National Party from Transylvania and Peasants' Party). The party is a member of the European People's Party (EPP).


The party was founded by Corneliu Coposu, Ioan Alexandru and Ion Rațiu in December 1989 and was the first officially registered political party after the fall of Communism.

In March 2005, the PNȚ-CD voted to change its name to the Christian Democratic People's Party (Partidul Popular Creștin-Democrat, PPCD) after the unification with Union for Romanian Reconstruction. Nowadays, the party has returned to its original name PNȚ-CD.

The party is currently split between a wing sustained by Marian-Petre Miluț supporting Aurelian Pavelescu as president, that decided on an alliance with the governing Democratic Liberal Party, and one supporting Victor Ciorbea as president, and favouring an alliance with the National Liberal Party.[4]

Victor Ciorbea was elected on June 18, 2011 president of the party. In September 2011 the Bucharest Courthouse (responsible for the parties registry) recognised Victor Ciorbea as party president.[5]

However, the split continued until Ciorbea left the party, in October 2012, in order to become a senator on National Liberal Party's lists. Pavelescu was recognized as president and the fractions were dissolved. PNȚCD formed with PDL and Civic Force, Right Romania Alliance (ARD). In the general elections of 2012, PNȚCD gained one senator and one deputy. On April 23, 2013, Pavelescu was elected president of the party.

At the 2014 European Parliament election, the party only gained 0.89% of the vote,[6] with candidates like former EP member Sebastian Bodu and PNȚCD president Aurelian Pavelescu, opening their list.


Its motto as of 2006 is Fiecare contează (Everyone counts). At the 2014 European elections PNȚCD motto was Renaștem pentru România ta! (Reborn for your Romania!)

Presidents of the party

Notable members


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