Christian Council of Sweden

Christian Council of Sweden
Sveriges kristna råd
Formation 15 December 1992 (1992-12-15)
Type Christian ecumenical organization
Headquarters Gustavslundsvägen 8, Stockholm, Sweden
Official language

The Christian Council of Sweden (Swedish: Sveriges kristna råd) is an echumenical Christian organization in Sweden, established on 15 December 1992.[1]

Member denominations

Following denominations were members in 2013:[2]

Free church movmement

  1. Evangelical Free Church
  2. Uniting Church in Sweden
  3. Salvation Army
  4. Pingst - Fria församlingar i samverkan
  5. Swedish Alliance Mission
  6. Vineyard Norden


  1. Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church
  2. Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church
  3. Church of Sweden including the Swedish Evangelical Mission
  4. Hungarian Protestant Church


  1. Armenian Apostolic Church
  2. Bulgarian Orthodox Church
  3. Ethiopian Orthodox Church
  4. Finnish Orthodox Church
  5. Coptic Orthodox Church
  6. Macedon Orthodox Church
  7. Romanian Orthodox Church
  8. Russian Orthodox Church (Parish of the Transfiguration of Jesus)
  9. Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarcate)
  10. Serbiska ortodoxa kyrkan
  11. Saint Selasse Ethipic Orthodox Church
  12. Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese of Sweden and the Rest of Scandinavia
  13. Assyrian Church of the East
  14. Old Church of the East

Roman Catholic

  1. Roman Catholic Diocese of Stockholm

Observing members

  1. Seventh-day Adventist Church

Earlier members


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