Christ 0

Christ 0
Studio album by Vanden Plas
Released February 21, 2006
Recorded 2005
Genre Progressive metal
Length 67:15
Label Inside Out Music
Producer Markus Teske
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Christ 0
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Christ 0 is the fifth full-length studio album by the German progressive metal band Vanden Plas, released on March 31, 2006[1] by InsideOut Music. This concept album interprets the novel The Count of Monte Cristo, exploring the story of a man imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit and following his chain of vengeful murders through the eyes of "X," an Interpol detective assigned to the case. Throughout the course of the album, both characters come to terms with their goals; X realizes just how similar the nature of his work is to Christ-0's, while 0 repents for the sins of his vengeance and commits suicide. The lyrics make several contemporary references, alluding to modern movies (e.g. Silence of the Lambs) and organizations (Interpol).

The band employed a forty-piece choir[2] for the first time in this album. Lead vocalist Andy Kuntz stated that such orchestral elements were new to Vanden Plas and attributes this experimentation with the four-year wait since their previous album, Beyond Daylight.[3]

Track listing

No. TitleLyricsMusic Length
1. "Christ 0"  KuntzWerno 5:34
2. "Postcard to God"  KuntzS. Lill 6:17
3. "Wish You Were Here"  KuntzWerno 9:14
4. "Silently"  KuntzS. Lill 8:31
5. "Shadow I Am"  KuntzS. Lill 5:28
6. "Fireroses Dance"  KuntzWerno 6:03
7. "Somewhere Alone in the Dark"  KuntzS. Lill 5:30
8. "January Sun"  KuntzWerno/Kuntz 10:05
9. "Lost in Silence"  KuntzKuntz 4:19
bonus track edition
No. TitleLyricsMusic Length
10. "Gethsemane"  Tim RiceAndrew Lloyd Webber 6:18

Bonus track

The first copies of Christ 0 contained a bonus track, Gethsemane.[1] This track is a cover of a song from Jesus Christ Superstar of the same name.




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