Chris Bromham

Chris Bromham (born 20 July 1957 in Skewen), is a retired Welsh stunt man. Bromham is the current World Record holder of the motorbike jump obstacle record, having jumped over 18 double decker buses on 29 August 1983.


The youngest of seven born in the coal mining village of Skewen, Bromham was educated at Coed Ffranc Infant and Junior School, and then Dwr-Y-Felin School. Having found his talent with motorbikes, he took a series of jobs while honing his skills, including delivery work at the Co-op and surface work with the National Coal Board.[1]


Bromham began to practice stunt jumping after watching Evel Knievel perform at London's Wembley Stadium in 1976. He found a talent for riding and jumping motorbikes, and trained himself part-time to become a stunt man. His first public performance was in 1977, performing at the Clevelly Art Festival in Devon,[2] which led to a dual career as both stunt man and show performer. His first major film appearance was in 1979's Riding High, where he was a stunt double for two of the film's characters.

In 1981, Bromham jumped 28 cars in a world record attempt at Swansea Airport. After returning from a New Zealand tour in 1982, he established two world records on 29 August 1983 at Bromley, Kent, one with a distance of 208 feet (63 m) and the other an obstacle record of clearing 18 double decker buses at a distance of 196.3 feet (59.8 m).[1][3]

In 1984 Bromham worked on the Street Hawk bike after which he attempted another world record. Following its failure, he practised further and on 31 August 1986 at the Royal Victoria Dock, London established a world record by jumping 20 lorries and another world record for 241 feet (73 m) distance.

After completing another New Zealand tour, Bromham jumped 14 single-deck buses back in Britain in 1988 to beat Knievel's previous record. For that stunt, he was costumed as Cy-Clone, a costumed robot Bromham created with television producer Mike Young.

Personal life

Following his 1981 tour, Bromham met his first wife Donna, a New Zealander, whome he married on 8 August 1983. The couple have two daughters, Natalie (born 1988) and Natasha (born 1991), who joined Chris's son Shane. Donna was killed in a car accident on 19 July 1992. Bromham married his current wife Anna-Marie on 7 August 1997; the family live in Swansea.[2]


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