Chow Chung

Chow Chong
Chinese name 周驄 (traditional)
Pinyin Zhōu Cōng (Mandarin)
Jyutping Jau1 Chung1 (Cantonese)
Born (1931-01-02) 2 January 1931
Hong Kong
Occupation Actor, singer
Years active 1980present

Chow Chong (simplified Chinese: 周骢; traditional Chinese: 周驄) is a Hong Kong film and television actor, and a member of the South China Film Industry Workers Union (33rd Federation). He was chair for three consecutive years, resigning in 2005.[1]


Chow Chong was at 光藝製片公司 (a Chinese production company)to work for the group,[2] acting in movies until the early 1980s. When his movie career faded, he worked at the 觀塘銀都戲院 (Chinese Theater) as a manager. Later he joined TVB.

TVB Series

YearName of FilmRole
1980The Shell GameFok Man Ting
1998Old Time Buddy - To Catch a ThiefSiu Chung
1999Side BeatCheung Hok Tin
At the Threshold of an EraCheung Hok Ting
A Matter of BusinessHo Siu Tong
2000Cheung Hok TingYip Hau Kan
At Point BlankChing Shum
2001Colourful Life Cheung Suen Siu Lung
The Heaven Sword and Dragon SaberCheung Sam Fung
A Taste of LoveYu Yat Ban
A Step into the PastFarmer (Cameo)
2002The Trust Of A Life TimeGuk Wing Nin
2003Back To Square OneSeung 
Point Of No ReturnChow Mau
Life Begins At FortyLaw Dak Seun
2004Net Deception饶 汉
2005When Rules Turn LooseYun Kwok Yun
2006Dicey BusinessChuk Yat Fu
2007Heart of GreedSeung Fung
Fathers and SonsLui Bak Tong
Marriage of Inconvenience(Cameo)
2008Moonlight ResonanceChung Fan Tat
Pages Of TreasuresTong Bak
2009Burning Flame IIIShum Yat (Sunday)
You're HiredTong Bak Dak
Off PedderYim Ying
2010In the Eye of the BeholderYat Ban Sang
Sisters of PearlHo Wing
Twilight InvestigationGei Ho Yee
2011Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!Law Chun Pong
Wax and WaneMan Wing Ching
Forensic Heroes IIIChung Bok Si
2012Daddy Good DeedsLam A-lui
Gloves Come OffPat Kau Yan
Come Home LoveChan Chung
Missing YouFan Wing-shun
2013Reality CheckLeung Tung
Sergeant TabloidGrandpa Tong
2014Swipe Tap Love
2015 Brick Slaves Johnny Lo Man-bou
Every Step You Take Chong Jing
2016 Presumed Accidents Brian Cheung Hak-loi
House of Spirits Himself


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