Choreography (Lauren Hoffman album)

Studio album by Lauren Hoffman
Released 2006
Genre Experimental rock, Acoustic, Lo-fi
Length 41:52
Label Fargo Records
Lauren Hoffman chronology
From the Blue House
Interplanetary Traveler

Choreography, released in 2006, is the third studio album by the American singer/songwriter Lauren Hoffman. For its production and recording, she worked with Cracker's's David Lowery,[1] who also produced her first EP in 1999, A Harmless Little Kiss.[2] Consistent with her previous work, the album conveys an overall dark, moody atmosphere, as a result of its lyrical qualities, production, and variety of instruments, including prominent accordion, pump organ, cello, and piano parts throughout its tracks.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Broken"   3:45
2. "As The Stars"   4:47
3. "White Sheets"   3:32
4. "Ghost You Know"   4:08
5. "Solipsist"   4:09
6. "Another Song About the Darkness"   3:54
7. "Hiding In Plain Sight"   3:41
8. "Out of the Sky, Into the Sea"   3:15
9. "Reasons To Fall"   3:11
10. "Love Gone Wrong"   4:16
11. "Joshua"   3:15


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