Chiquito (restaurant)

Tex-Mex Mexican themed restaurant chain
Founded 1989
Headquarters United Kingdom
Owner The Restaurant Group plc
Typical Chiquito's standalone unit development, Kingston-upon-Hull with the previous logo.

Chiquito is a UK-based restaurant chain specialising in Tex-Mex foods.[1] The company was established in 1989[2] and has 68 restaurants across the country.[3] It dubs itself as 'The Original Mexican Grill & Bar' and has been described as the United Kingdom's best-known Mexican chain.[4] Chiquito restaurants are part of the Restaurant Group.[5]

Food and drink

Dishes such as nachos, chilli poppers, burritos, fajitas, burgers, sandwiches, salads and steaks from the grill are served in Chiquito.[2][6] They also serve a wide range of cocktails, such as tequila and rum cocktails[7] as well as a choice of wines.[8]

Decor and style

The restaurants, which tend to feature a large bar and lounge style restaurant have rustic interior décor, based on traditional Mexican architecture and culture, where old Mexican posters and photos[2] adorn the walls, alongside piñatas[2] plates, castanets, fans, and sombreros.[8] Spanish and Mexican music plays throughout the restaurant.[6]

Environmental record

In November 2015 the chain was one of seven restaurants surveyed that failed to meet a basic level of sustainability in its seafood.[9]


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