China National Highway 107

National Highway 107
Route information
Length: 2,698 km (1,676 mi)
Major junctions
From: Beijing
To: Shenzhen
Highway system


A kilometre marker on G107 in Xianning prefecture-level city, south of Wuhan

China's National Highway 107 runs from Beijing to Shenzhen via Wuhan. It runs to approximately 2,698 km, and, on a map, runs broadly on a straight line from Beijing to Guangzhou.

In between, the highway runs parallel to national highways 105 and 106.

Route and distance

Toll gate in Xianning, Hubei
Route and distance
City Distance (km)
Beijing, Beijing0
Fangshan District, Beijing24
Zhuozhou, Hebei72
Gaobeidian, Hebei97
Dingxing, Hebei105
Xushui, Hebei136
Baoding, Hebei162
Wangdu, Hebei196
Dingzhou, Hebei225
Xinle, Hebei261
Zhengding, Hebei285
Shijiazhuang, Hebei304
Gaoyi, Hebei365
Xingtai, Hebei437
Handan, Hebei497
Ci County, Hebei528
Anyang, Henan558
Tangyin, Henan580
Qi County, Hebi, Henan620
Zhengzhou, Henan753
Xinzheng, Henan800
Changge, Henan822
Xuchang, Henan848
Linying, Henan877
Luohe, Henan907
Xiping, Henan939
Suiping, Henan969
Zhumadian, Henan992
Queshan, Henan1014
Xinyang, Henan1096
Xiaochang, Hubei1205
Xiaogan, Hubei1256
Wuhan, Hubei1333
Xianning, Hubei1427
Chibi, Hubei1476
Linxiang, Hunan1535
Yueyang, Hunan1580
Changsha, Hunan1734
Xiangtan, Hunan1784
Xiangtan County, Hunan1793
Hengshan, Hunan1859
Hengyang, Hunan1925
Leiyang, Hunan1992
Chenzhou, Hunan2075
Yizhang, Hunan2126
Lianzhou, Guangdong2256
Yangshan County, Guangdong2328
Qingxin, Guangdong2451
Qingyuan, Guangdong2454
Huadu, Guangdong2502
Guangzhou, Guangdong2529
Dongguan, Guangdong2590
Bao'an, Guangdong2656
Nanshan, Guangdong2662
Shenzhen, Guangdong2698

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