Chin Han (actor, born 1946)

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Chin Han
Chinese name (traditional)
Chinese name (simplified)
Pinyin Qín Hàn (Mandarin)
Birth name
Sūn Xiángzhōng (Mandarin)
Origin Taiwan
Born (1946-07-10) July 10, 1946
Shanghai, China
Occupation Actor
Years active 1966-present
Spouse(s) Shao Chiao-ying (1971-1984)
Ancestry Chengdu, Sichuan

Sun Siang-chong (born 10 July 1946), better known by his stage name Chin Han, is a Taiwanese actor born in Shanghai.

Chin Han is best known for starring in a number of adaptations from Chiung Yao's novels in the 1970s and 1980s, usually opposite Brigitte Lin (in films) and Leanne Liu (on television). Chin Han's father is the Chinese general Sun Yuanliang.



As actor
Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1966 Smiles from the Distant Mountains遠山含笑
How Many Sunsets幾度夕陽紅
1967 Sister's Lover姐姐的情人 Wah
1968 A Time for Reunion春曉人歸時
1969 Betrayer殺氣嚴霜 also screenwriter
1971 The Mad Killer瘋狂殺手
1972 Everybody Is Laughing天下一大笑
Dangerous Game慾火焚身
Five Brothers from Tangshan唐山五兄弟
Heart Wish心願
1973 Outside the Window窗外
Story of Mother母親三十歲
Gui Fen桂芬
1974 The House of Love愛的小屋 Luo Wen
First Come, First Love近水樓台 Cai Dawei
Where the Seagull Flies海鷗飛處
Spring Comes Not Again不再有春天
Sex For Sale面具 Lin Weibin
News Hen女記者 Xue Xiaonan
Rhythm of the Wave海韻
Love Camp愛情集中營
1975 Girl School春滿女學府 Lei Guangming
Hot Wave熱浪 Ho Ta-fung
He Loved Once Too Many水雲 Kiu Yee
The Unforgettable Character在水一方 Lu Yu-wen
Eight Hundred Heroes八百壯士
Land of the Undaunted吾土吾民 Li Yueh-ting
Where Have the Lovers Gone晨星
A Chilled Spring春天裡的秋天
Dream Lake夢之湖
Posterity and Perplexity碧雲天
1976 Coffee, Wine, Lemonade咖啡,美酒,檸檬汁
Love Forever海誓山盟
A Misty Love小雨絲絲
Deep Autumn Love落葉飄飄
Love in the Twilight Zone陰陽有情天
Erotic Nights色香味
Painted Waves of Love浪花
The Sang Sisters桑園
The Valley of Butterfly蝴蝶谷
The Spring Lake翠湖寒
Wild Pigeons in the Evening野鴿子的黃昏
1977 My Sweet Love霧濛濛情濛濛 Xiao Zhangyun
The Love Offensive愛情大進擊
My Beloved雲愛,雲愛
Love in the Shadow愛有明天 Yi Siyin
True Love真真的愛
The Smiling Face微笑
The Glory of the Sunset煙水寒
Cloud of Romance我是一片雲 Youlan
Confused Love變色的太陽
Love Rings a Bell風鈴,風鈴
We Are the Youth我們是年輕的
The Lost Dream荒園草夢
Melody from Heaven白花飄雪花飄
The Love Corridor愛情走廊
We Feel the Wind Again又是起風時
1978 Morning Fog晨霧 Tai Yalun
Wild Flower in the Storm花非花
Sea-Wave in Sunset and Love夕陽浪花愛
Love is Burning愛情火辣辣
Hi, Honey嗨親愛的
The Diary of Di-Di蒂蒂日記
Love on a Foggy River煙波江上
Lover on the Wave我踏浪而來
A Journey of Love無情荒地有情天
Ask My Love from God此情可問天
He Never Gives Up汪洋中的一條船
The Story of Green House綠色山莊
Mountains Under the Setting Sun夕陽山外山
Love in the Blossoming Mountain Flowers滿山花開一片情
1979 A Sorrowful Wedding悲之秋
Love Under a Rosy Sky彩霞滿天 Chiao Shu-pei
The Wild Goose on the Wing雁兒在林梢
Love Seed一顆紅豆
By Love Obsessed情奔
1980 My Native Land原鄉人
Another Spring又見春天 Yang Wei-han
Flying Home雁兒歸
Poor Chasers一對傻鳥 Chen Cheng-hsiung
Lotus Triangle情網
Reunion in the Rain蘭花草
The Marigolds金盞花 Lawyer Zhou
Flying Rainbow飛躍的彩虹
A Girl Who Comes from the Country我從山中來
Love in a Big Land大地親情
The Lotus Triangle荷葉蓮花藕
Twin Troubles愛情躲避球
Night Rain夕雨
1981 My Cape of Many Dreams夢的衣裳
The Land of the Brave龍的傳人 Lin Chao-hsing
Love You Till I Die愛你入骨
Once Again With Love又見春天
Coming with a Gun帶槍過境
Clouds, Please Stay雲且留住
1982 Girls' School女子學校
The Girl Robber and I小妞.大盜.我
Pigeons in the Evening鴿子的黃昏
The Drug Busters鐵血勇探 also director
1983 The Lost Generation風水二十年 Mr. Tsun
1984 Holy War聖戰千秋
Impending War戰爭前夕
1985 Last Breath血染風采
1986 I Am a Chinese我是中國人
Loves of a Small Town Doctor小鎮醫生的愛情
1990 Promising Miss Bowie祝福 Ko Man-kit
Red Dust滾滾紅塵 Chang Neng-tsai
1991 Love in Venice情定威尼斯
1992 Centre Stage阮玲玉 Tong Gwai-saan
Requital五湖四海 Fan Dai-kuay
1994 Treasure Hunt花旗少林 Tong Ling
1995 Don't Cry, Nanking南京1937 Shing Yin
2000 Feeling by Night夜奔 De shun
2006 The Knot雲水謠 Wang Ting-wu
2012 Threads of Time柳如是 Qian Qianyi
As director
As writer

Television series

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1971 Rainbow Bridge七色橋
1985 How Many Sunsets幾度夕陽紅 Ho Mu-tien
1986 Lovers Under the Rain煙雨濛濛 Ho Shu-huan
1987 Deep Garden庭院深深 Po Pei-wen
1988 One Side of the Water在水一方 Chu Shih-yao remake of The Unforgettable Character
1989 Seagulls Soaring In Iridescent Clouds海鷗飛處彩雲飛 Yu Muhuai
1995 Secular Romance情愛紅塵
1996 Flowers Gone, Flowers Bloom花落花開
1997 Flying with the Iridescent Clouds我伴彩雲飛
2000 Give Daddy A Kiss親親老爸 Fang Nien-tsu
2002 Cash Is King勝券在握 Qi Ren
2004 Son From the Past子是故人來 Seng Ming
Wealthy Family's Shocking Dream豪門驚夢 Chiao Cheng-tien
2005 Purple Jade, Golden Clay紫玉金砂 Pan Tianci
2007 Niu Lang and Zhi Nu牛郎織女 Jade Emperor
2009 Dragon-Phoenix Luck龍鳳呈祥 Long Jiandong
2014 Moment in Peking新京華煙雲 Yao Siyuan


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