Chiefdoms and sectors of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Chiefdoms and sectors of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are the fourth-level administrative divisions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Aketi Territory

Ango Territory

Aru Territory

Bafwasende Territory

Bagata Territory

Bambesa Territory

Banalia Territory

Bikoro Territory

Bokungu Territory

Bomongo Territory

Bongandanga Territory

Bondo Territory

Boso-Bolo Territory

Buta Territory

Dibaya Territory

Dimbelenge Territory

Djolu Territory

Djugu Territory

Dungu Territory

Feshi Territory

Gemena Territory

Idiofa Territory

Ikela Territory

Inongo Territory

Kabalo Territory

Kahemba Territory

Kamboye Territory

Kasongo Lunda Territory

Kipushi Territory

Kungu Territory

Libenge Territory

Lubudi Territory

Lukula Territory

Madimba Territory

Mambasa Territory

Moanda Territory

Moba Territory

Mweka Territory

Niangara Territory

Opala Territory

Popokabaka Territory

Pweto Territory

Rutshuru Territory

Sakania Territory

Tshela Territory

Ubundu Territory

Wamba Territory

Watsa Territory

Zongo Territory

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